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We provide a wide range of automotive repair & painting services

Auto Body Repair

Omega Auto Body Repair Services focuses on more than just your car’s exterior.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive, high-quality service so you know your car will not only look good, it will also drive as well as it did before your accident.

Auto Body Paint

Our paint experts carefully match the color of your vechicle, with pre-defined color codes by car manufacturers. We use the codes for our computerized mixing techniques so we can get an exact match.

Auto body repair, bumper repair, auto restoration, paint repair, auto body paint, paint correction, paint coatings and much more. 

Welcome to Omega autobody,
your full-service auto repair shop in Langley

ICBC claims

If anyone’s injured, call 911.

move the vechicles off the road, if it’s safe to do so.

Avoid discussing who’s at fault for the crash.

Record the following for all  vichicle and drivers involved in the crash:

  • driver name, contact information, driver’s licence number and province/state,
  • vichicle licence plate number, vichicle year, make and model,
  • insurance details, if the vichicle isn’t BC

You may also need to provide this information to the police.

Look for witness. record their names and contact information.

Discribe the crash scene:

  • What was the date, time and location?
  • What were the weather and road conditions?
  • What direction were each of you travelling?
  • Where was your vechicle and what lane were you using?
  • Where was the other vechicle and what lane was it in?

If possible, take photos, od use the diagram.

Report your claim. Online By phone : 604-520-8222(Lower Mainland) 1-800-910-4222(elsewhere in BC, Canada or the US.) Translation services available. When you’re ready to select a repair shop, find one near you on ICBC has accredited more than 400 auto bady shops throughout B.C. By taking your vechicle to an ICBC c.a.r. shop or c.a.r. shop VALET facility, your repairs are guaranteed for ads long as you own your vechicle.

ICBC claims

If you’ve been in a crash with another vehicle, suffered a hit and run, or hit an object and suffered damage to your vechicle, ICBC is here to help.

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Kind and perfect.


very very fast service and great deal. Since I was gonna pay off pocket; not ICBC claim, they're eager to provide a competitive price. The color match of the bumper to other parts of the car is seamlessly good! highly recommended! End up paying approx. half of what other shop would charge me.

Kevin Hung

Their Service was so good. I fix my car in 2 days. Super fast.

Brian Son

Great color match and good price deal.

Y k

Very good service!

Joel K

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